Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast – January 2019 – NOW AVAILABLE!

The very first episode of Seat B1*, the new podcast for the arts in Halifax, West Yorkshire is now available for download from iTunesfollow this link – or from your preferred podcast provider. Alternatively, listen directly to the podcast below.

The podcast has been put together by the volunteers of Square Chapel Arts Centre in Halifax but it is not just an elongated advert for events taking place at Square Chapel. The podcast is about the arts in Halifax more generally and in episode 001 – that focuses upon January 2019 – you will find…

  • A preview of films being released in the next few weeks including Mary Poppins Returns, The Favourite, Juliet Naked, Colette and Stan & Ollie with our very own Kermode-Mayo duo, Steve and Jeremy
  • A guided tour of Bankfield Museum’s new ‘Women Travellers‘ exhibition by the curator Elinor Camille-Wood
  • A run-down of events taking place at the country’s smallest music venue, Halifax’s Grayston Unity with the bar’s owner Michael Ainsworth and
  • A selection of music from Square Chapel’s very own fiddler-in-chief, Simon

We’d love to hear what you think about the podcast; you can give feedback via a comment to this post on the website.

If you like what you hear, please share details of Seat B1 via social media. You’ll find Seat B1 @SeatB1Podcast on Twitter and Instagram and we also have a Facebook page. We are even on YouTube! There really is no escape.

Don’t forget to come back in February for episode 002 of Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast.

[* If you were wondering where the name comes from… Seat B1 is the seat in the Copper Auditorium at Square Chapel Arts Centre that is normally reserved for one the volunteer ushers. It’s a nod in the direction of the people who have made this podcast possible; the volunteers at Square Chapel.]


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