Seat B1: Dean Clough Extra

This extra episode of Seat B1*, the new podcast for the arts in Halifax, West Yorkshire is now available for download from iTunesfollow this link – or from your preferred podcast provider. Alternatively, listen directly to the podcast below.

In episode 002 of Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast we heard from Vic Allen, executive director of the Arts Charity at Dean Clough. To mark the opening of the new exhibitions at Dean Clough on February 9th 2019, this ‘extra’ podcast allows you to listen to the full tour that Vic gave the podcast. You’ll hear not only about those new exhibitions but also about the history of the gallery spaces, the philosophy of Vic and his team and his plans for the future. You’ll also meet the artist Doug Binder – one of Dean Clough’s resident artists – who talks about his life and work. Vic is a man who is not short for words so sit back and enjoy an hour in his entertaining company…

Don’t forget to come back in March for episode 003 of Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast.

[* If you were wondering where the name comes from… Seat B1 is the seat in the Copper Auditorium at Square Chapel Arts Centre that is normally reserved for one the volunteer ushers. It’s a nod in the direction of the people who have made this podcast possible; the volunteers at Square Chapel.]


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