Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast – May 2019 – TEASER

The Up North Film & TV Festival is coming to Square Chapel Arts Centre in Halifax in May 2019.

The next episode of Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast will be dedicated in its entirety to this new festival and in a teaser extract from the podcast, Dave Garratt, Square Chapel’s film programmer and the main man behind the festival talks to Jeremy Walker about what he’s got planned.

Dave the film

The full ‘Up North’ episode of Seat B1*, the podcast for the arts in Halifax, West Yorkshire will be available for download from iTunesfollow this link – or from your preferred podcast provider at the end of April 2019.

If you like what you hear, please share details of Seat B1 via social media. You’ll find Seat B1 @SeatB1Podcast on Twitter and Instagram and we also have a Facebook page. We are even on YouTube! There really is no escape.

[* If you were wondering where the name comes from… Seat B1 is the seat in the Copper Auditorium at Square Chapel Arts Centre that is normally reserved for one the volunteer ushers. It’s a nod in the direction of the people who have made this podcast possible; the volunteers at Square Chapel.]


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