Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast – Gentleman Jack Premiere Special

This special episode of Seat B1*, the podcast for the arts in Halifax, West Yorkshire is now available for download from iTunesfollow this link – or from your preferred podcast provider.

Alternatively, listen directly to the podcast below.

On Thursday 9th May, the new BBC/HBO TV series ‘Gentleman Jack’ that chronicles the life of Halifax’s very own Anne Lister was premiered at Square Chapel Arts Centre. Seat B1 was on the red carpet and talked to the writer Sally Wainwright, the stars of the show including Suranne Jones, Natalie Gavin and flower girl Hattie as well as O’Hooley & Tidow‘s Heidi and Belinda who created the theme song. We also hear from the BBC’s Johnny I’Anson who reflects upon the potential impact of the series on Halifax as well as to some of the lucky ticket holders who were able to see episode 1 of Gentleman Jack in advance of its first showing on BBC One on Sunday 19th May at 9pm.

You can listen to a report about film and TV production in Halifax (including a chat with the people at Shibden Hall who reflect upon the experiences of being involved in the production of Gentleman Jack) in episode 005 of Seat B1 – more details here – and don’t forget to come back in June for episode 006 of Seat B1: The Halifax Arts Podcast.

[* If you were wondering where the name comes from… Seat B1 is the seat in the Copper Auditorium at Square Chapel Arts Centre that is normally reserved for one the volunteer ushers. It’s a nod in the direction of the people who have made this podcast possible; the volunteers at Square Chapel.]


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